Earth Science Week 2018

Oct. 15th

Discovery Park of America is participating in Earth Science Week 2018 from October 16th through October 20th.

Learning is always fun at Discovery Park of America!

May. 25th

It’s a first!  Discovery Park of America is offering four different Summer Camps in July of this year!

Reasons to Visit Discovery Park of America this Summer

May. 21st

The summer of 2018 is shaping up to be full of educational opportunities and new activities at Discovery Park of America in Union City. 

Discovery Park of America’s Russell Orr becomes a NASA Ambassador

Apr. 23rd

What do you get when you combine our amazing Solar System with earth-shattering passion?  A shooting star?  An asteroid shower?  Or maybe a new NASA Ambassador?

Home School Days begins Second Year at Discovery Park of America

Sep. 1st

The second year of Discovery Park of America’s “Homeschool Days” program kicks off on September 19th, 2017.

Native American Wooden Dolls at Discovery Park!

Nov. 17th

The Hopi Clown Katsina Guest Blogger: Zachary Rea Neil David is an internationally known Hopi artist who is famous for his clown katsina carvings. On display at Discovery Park of

What is a Sad Iron?

Nov. 5th

Special Guest Blogger: Lauren McKinnon Have you ever wondered about the history of the iron? A typical answer would probably be no, but here at Discovery Park of America we

Local Promethean Scholarship Children Visit with Miss America 2017

What a day to be at Discovery Park of America! On November 4, the one and only Miss America 2017, Savvy Shields, had the red carpet rolled out for her

Miss America Scheduled to Visit Discovery Park November 4th!

Oct. 29th

There she is…Miss America! The one and the only Miss America 2017 is visiting Discovery Park of America on Friday, November 4th! We are excited to have Savvy Shields grace

A Southern Night

Jul. 29th

Imagine this: the sun setting in a southern sky, the tempting smell of freshly smoked BBQ in the air, and the sounds of tapping toes and energetic harmonies coming from

The Hat Man at Discovery Park of America

Jul. 7th

The People You Begin to Know at Discovery Park of America “The Hat Man” Guest Blogger: Andrew Gibson Working at Discovery Park you get to see a lot of interesting

DPA Car Show Tradition

Jun. 22nd

Tradition is one thing that has kept the Union City area close and unique. The small West Tennessee town is filled with hard-working individuals who strive to maintain traditions, and