Civil War Days at Discovery Park of America, military museums in Nashville TN, Memphis TN and Jackson TN, dinosaur exhibits and things to do with kids near murray KY and paducah KY.

Discovery Park of America is not only known for being “an oasis among the desert,” but it is also known for the different events that are held every year. This year, we are proud to bring back CIVIL WAR DAYS on April 22, 23 and 24. There will be a lot of different events happening at the park, but Civil War Days will be something you do not want to miss. If you are coming to Discovery Park for the first time this weekend, you are surely in for a treat. We encourage you to go and see BODIES REVEALED (an extra cost in addition to your general admission), but also head out to the Great Lawn for Civil War Days. You will see an encampment with reenactors, and even get to participate in some cannon firings. We have listed the TOP 3 reasons to check out CIVIL WAR DAYS:


1. The Cannon and Small Weapon firings
Discovery Park of America is excited to have Civil War Days on the Great Lawn April 22-24! There will be an encampment set up with reenactors, and of course, there will be the firing demonstrations throughout the weekend! You can witness the reenactors in their Civil War attire shoot small arms, and then watch them as they demonstrate the firing of the cannon. You may even be the one who can pull the trigger! Firing demonstrations will be going on all weekend long, so do not be alarmed if you hear a loud BOOM while visiting Discovery Park this weekend!

2. The Grand Ball
The Grand Ball at Discovery, military museums in Nashville, TN, Memphis, TN and Jackson, museums and things to do with kids of all ages.Saturday, April 23, Civil War Days continues on the Great Lawn. But then, what happens when Discovery Park of America closes at 5:00 PM? The Grand Ball, of course! The Great Lawn will be open from 5:00 PM until 9:00 PM free of charge for anyone and everyone to participate in The Grand Ball! There will be food available to purchase on the lawn, and there will be tasty campfire stew and cornbread served as well, just like they would eat during the Civil War era. At 6:30 PM, The 52nd Regimental String Band will gear up and the Grand Ball will begin! Guests of all ages are welcome to dress in their best Civil War attire and attend the ball, or just come in your casual clothes and enjoy a night of music and entertainment. Reencators will be dressed up and you can get your picture taken with them. Once the sun sets and the Grand Ball is over around 8:30, there will be a night firing of the cannons that will glow and spark in the night. We hope you will be able to attend The Grand Ball this Saturday, April 23!

3. The Experience
If you do nothing else but come to Discovery Park during this special weekend, we hope you will enjoy the experience. You will be able to experience what the loud BOOM of a cannon sounds like, what people wore back in the Civil War era, and also taste the food which was served during those days. Discovery Park aims to go above and beyond what other museums and family attractions offer. Discovery Park could just have a few tents set out and a few reenactors in place and call it Civil War Days, but to actually have live firing demonstrations, a Grand Ball, a Ladies Tea at noon on Saturday, April 23, and even more…that is something a little extra that Discovery Park adds to its guests’ experience. So be sure to come out and explore if you have not been to Discovery Park of America, but definitely come and check out Civil War Days on the Great Lawn April 22, 23, and 24.

Discovery Park of America is a world-class educational venue that has something for everyone to discover. Whether you like Civil War pieces, classic antique cars, dinosaur bones, and more, there will be something for you here. General admission is $13.95 for adults (ages 13-64); $11.95 for Seniors (65+); and $10.95 for Children (ages 4-12). Children who are 3 and under are free. There is an additional cost if you choose to see Bodies Revealed (Adults $7 / students $5). We hope you will come and experience Civil War Days with us this weekend.