Ha ha! You thought this blog was going to be about the wine tasting that is happening this Thursday, November 19 in Dinosaur Hall from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., didn’t you? You also thought you would get more information about how members can purchase tickets for $20 and non-members can get theirs for $25, right? You probably even hoped to find that yes, indeed, there will be tasty appetizers and you will get a complimentary drink ticket. But you are wrong, my friend. All that stuff about the Wine Tasting event is just silly.

So here is what the blog is REALLY about: Thanksgiving traditions. Discovery Park of America employees have stopped, collaborated, and listened to each other share their favorite Thanksgiving memories and traditions with our favorite person: YOU.

Please, feel free to share with us YOUR favorite Thanksgiving traditions and memories. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Gloria: “My daughter and I making a wish on the wishbone from the Thanksgiving turkey.”
Lauren: “Spending time with family that I do not get to see all year.”
Remington: “Tradition: Food: my mom’s sweet potato casserole with all the marshmallows drizzled on top.”
Lisa: “Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.”
Russell: “Cranberry Salad—my mom’s special recipe! Thanksgiving at my house smells like oranges.”
Kayla: “Getting a warm, home-cooked meal and getting to spend time with my family.”
Katie: “I not only love Thanksgiving for visiting with my family, but I love Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving!”

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions? Feel free to share them and also let us know what you would like to see for our next blog! Happy Thanksgiving and Turkey Day!