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Extra! Extra! We are blogging all about it! Discovery Park of America has made its debut on the new TV series, “Museum Men,” which runs on The History Channel 2. On Saturday night, January 10, the episode highlighted some items of torture from the Spanish Inquisition that the Creative Arts team reproduced for Discovery Park. Creative Arts is a team that “designs and builds historical exhibits for both big and small museums throughout the country.” The items that Creative Arts made for Discovery Park include The Rack, The Breaking Wheel, and even a life-sized Brazen Bull!

If you missed the episode, don’t stress! Here is the link to the History Channel 2 where you can view the episode! Be sure to click the episode titled “Medieval Torture Devices.”

You can watch the highlights and the process of creating the torture devices that are now on display in the Enlightenment Gallery at Discovery Park of America. If you are curious about other methods of torture (from a historical point of view, of course), then be sure to check out the extension of the Enlightenment Gallery, “The Chamber,” that will open at the end of February.

Make sure to also check out the next episode of “Museum Men” on Saturday, January 24, at 9:00 p.m. to see the WWI Mark I Tank that Creative Arts built for DPA’s Military Gallery. It will be airing on The History Channel 2.

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