Special Attractions

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Earthquake Simulator

Experience this exciting 10-minute simulation of the 1811-1812 earthquakes that formed Reelfoot Lake. When an earthquake occurs on the video, you will experience an earthquake, too! This experience runs every 30 minutes, and you can book your attraction at the front ticket counter when you purchase your general admission, or purchase it online!

Starship Theater

Now showing at DPA from Giant Screen Films, a leader in the large format/IMAX® industry, are two stunning films that take advantage of the magic of immersive sight and sound technologies, offering viewers an inspiring perspective on the world presented on DPA’s giant state-of-the-art screen in the Starship Theater.

Titans of the Ice Age is an action-packed immersive portal to the great Pleistocene ice age, 20,000 years back in time. Narrated by Academy Award® winning actor Christopher Plummer, the giantscreen film transports viewers to the otherworldly frozen landscapes of the northern hemisphere 10,000 years before modern civilization.

Titans of the Ice Age captivates audiences with a vision of a changing world, a time of new ecological pressures—leading us to consider the possible fates of today’s living mammals. Audiences will experience the world of these prehistoric animals with a realism that only this canvas can provide.

Tornado Alley is an explosive giant-screen adventure that takes viewers on an epic chase through the “severe weather capital of the world.” Narrated by Bill Paxton (Twister, Titanic), the film follows Storm Chasers star Sean Casey and the scientists of VORTEX2, the largest tornado-research project ever assembled, on separate missions to encounter one of Earth’s most aweinspiring events—the birth of a tornado.

Whirling above the human drama are the storms themselves, magnificent forces of nature revealed in breathtaking detail through the magic of the giant screen, creating a truly unique opportunity for audiences to engage with cutting-edge science and to meet some of the world’s most daring researchers.

Each film is available daily with a special admission charge of $4.95.
Titans of the Ice Age shows at 11 a.m., Noon, 1 p.m., 2 p.m., 3 p.m., and 4 p.m., while Tornado Alley shows at 10:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 12:30 p.m., 1:30 p.m., 2:30 p.m., 3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The Tower

The Tower is an observation deck that allows you to see for miles around Union City, Tenn. Be sure to step on the two glass floor panels inside and the four glass panels outside! This experience is open to guests to enjoy at their leisure, and you can book your attraction at the front ticket counter when you purchase your general admission, or purchase it online!

Escape Room

Experience Discovery Park of America’s Award-Winning Escape Room while on your visit! This one is called Secret in Shade’s Hollow, and you will have only 60 minutes to try and escape with your team! You can purchase your tickets at the front ticket counter when you arrive! Maximum 10 people per session, and you may have some other guests in the Escape Room with you!

Location: The Settlement

Low Season Hours
Jan. – Feb. and Aug. – Dec.
Closed Tues. and Wed.
2 p.m. on Mon., Thurs., Fri. and Sun.
12 and 2 p.m. on Sat.

High Season Hours
March – July
2 p.m. Mon. – Fri.
12 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Sat.
2 p.m. Sun.
Tickets: $9.95 per person + General Admission
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time


Attraction Price
Earthquake Simulator $4.95
Starship Theater Movies $4.95 per movie
The Tower $4.95

Escape Room Pricing

Time Price
Escape Room $9.95 per person + general admission