Discovery Park of America was honored to host this year’s TAM awards banquet on March 18, 2015. TAM stands for the Tennessee Association of Museums and includes museums from all over the great state of Tennessee. Those who were representing their respective museum traveled to Jackson, TN, for a conference before heading to Union City to experience something they had yet to discover in northwest Tennessee.

Having these special guests visit was great exposure for Discovery Park of America. Some had only heard about Discovery Park because of TAM, while others had heard through the grapevine. Before they even entered Discovery Center to check out the galleries and other exhibits, guests were blown away by the architecture of the building. Once they entered Discovery Center, they were able to explore and mingle until 5 p.m. That was when they could walk outside for cocktail hour and snacks before dinner. Guests walked among living historians, ate homemade biscuits and butter in the 1800s Settlement, and tried cornbread cakes with honey made from a local provider. This was a great chance for them to walk outside and view the different exhibits on the grounds of Discovery Park.

Dinner was provided by Blue Bank Resort and guests were able to taste the way west Tennesseans like their catfish and barbeque. The awards ceremony then began at 8 p.m. and Discovery Park of America won eight awards! They include the following:
Permanent Exhibition (Native Americans Gallery)
Temporary Exhibition (Mission Space)
Educational Programming (Snakes of Tennessee Program)
Best Music & Dance Video (Shake It Off)
Special Event (Summer Concert Series)
Volunteerism (Wright Brothers Plane)
Publications: Special/Novelty (Illustrated Postcard Set)
Web Page

Congrats to all of the winners of the Tennessee Association of Museums Awards! This one was definitely the first of many more that Discovery Park hopes to be a part of in the future. People will be talking about Discovery Park for a long time, and by word of mouth others will hear about it and want to cure their curiosity. As you sometimes hear around Discovery Park of America, “If you build it, they will come.” And this is just the beginning…

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