“Hot Wheels Race to Win” at Discovery Park of America

Aug. 30, 2019 to Jan. 5, 2020.

Racing fans know a lot about their sport—the cars, the drivers, the owners, the teams. But each race is the end point of a long process of design, development, testing and re-testing of cutting-edge technology that results in the fastest, safest and most precisely engineered vehicles in the world.

This exhibit coming to DPA in Aug. 2019 explores the behind-the-scenes process that race fans, young and old, may never have encountered before. Guests will experience a dynamic testing environment participating in a quest for cars of record-breaking speed, precision and design.

In addition to being fun and immersive, the exhibit also supports STEM learning goals and provides rich opportunities for learning as students discuss and experiment with all aspects of racing design.

Teachers and Parents: Download the Educator’s Guide for “Hot Wheels: Race to Win” for help with STEM concepts, big ideas and main messages for this exhibit.

Key STEM concepts presented in the exhibit:

Engineering/Design Engine Physics
• Car body design/aerodynamics
• Track design/drag and friction
• Mechanical Function
• Defining combustion and identifying units of measure for power
Physics of Motion Mathematics
• Drag and friction
• Lift/drag/downforce
• Newton‘s laws
• Acceleration
• Speed/curve calculation for cars on track
• Timing calculation for cars maneuvering on track