Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the darkness of space, and the beauty and secrets of the stars and planets. Have you ever wanted to experience more of these mysteries closer than you thought possible? You can do just that at Discovery Park’s interactive Starship Theater.

The Interactive Starship Theater is a one-of-a-kind attraction. You will not believe some of the incredible views you will see on the 160 degree screen as you blog-starshipnavigate through this incredible attraction. Throughout the show, all visitors are given several opportunities to become a pilot and take control of the flight through the control panels built into the seats.  Visitors may also choose to become a scientist or engineer and must work together to complete vital mission tasks. You will learn about the history of the space program as well as interesting facts about our solar system. Want to learn about meteorites and moon phases? The Starship Theater has an abundance of interesting learning activities to make your time here entertaining and educational!

If you have ever looked up at the sky and wanted to learn more about the moon, stars, and planets, you will love this Discovery Park of America attraction. The Starship Theater begins at the top of every hour, so you can easily schedule this in to the rest of your wonderful adventure at Discovery Park of America.

Be sure to purchase your Starship Theater tickets as soon as you arrive, since the experience is limited and tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. You can purchase a single ticket for the Starship Theater or you can buy a combo ticket to also enjoy The Tower and Earthquake Simulator at a discount.  Discovery Park of America is a world class adventure that will let you See Beyond!