We are happy to announce that we now have trams at Discovery Park of America!

The tram(s) will run from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday. Tickets are $5.00 for a pass that is good for the entire day! The trams stop at five locations around the grounds:

  • Tram Stop A- The Train Depot / Rotary Pavilion / South Lake / 1800’s Chapel area
  • Tram Stop B- Freedom Square / Military Garden / Covered Bridge area
  • Tram Stop C- STEM Landing / Discovery Center / The Settlement area
  • Tram Stop D- Ag Center / Antique Tractor Barn / Mill Ridge area
  • Tram Stop E- The Great Lawn / The Maze / The European Garden / The Japanese Garden area

We are super excited to announce the addition of these new trams at Discovery Park of America. We are especially excited for our senior guests and those who have problems walking that they can now see the outside exhibits when they visit Discovery Park.

We hope you take advantage of the newest addition to the grounds at Discovery Park of America!