Episode 27: Honey, I Bought a Nursery!

Episode 26: Karen Campbell – Get Out and Explore the World

Episode 25: The Cotton Mill Community of Dyersburg, Tennessee

Episode 24: Mary Nita Bondura, What It’s Like Working at Discovery Park

Episode 23: Jason Stout, Building Bridges in the Arts

Episode 22: Paris, Tennessee: Where the Eiffel Tower Stands and Catfish Run the Town

Episode 21: “We’re not in Kansas Anymore!” Bill Minihan

Episode 20: Not Your Granddaddy’s Farm

Episode 19: John “Glad” Castellaw – Military Life and Farming Today

Episode 18: Teena Jarmon and the Promethean Foundation

Episode 17: Dr. David Coffey, A Historic Conversation

Episode 16: Robert Spencer, The Unique Life of a West Tennessee Native

Episode 15: Bringing Fine Arts to Rural Communities

Episode 14: The Art of Collecting Antique Tractors

Episode 13: John Reitzammer – Sharing the Music Legends of Tennessee with the World

Episode 12: Rusty Robinson, TV and Movie Car Collector and Great Storyteller

Episode 11: John Sellers, Making Cups of Coffee for Literacy

Episode 10: Emily Workman – Busting Myths about Farming Today

Episode 9: Julie Hill – Musician, Artist and Educator To All Who Meet Her

Episode 8: Tina Turner, Sleepy John Estes and the heritage of the West Tennessee Delta

Episode 7: Danny Walden, Historian for “The Missing Town” of Menglewood

Episode 6: Marti Doss – Obion County Native with A Story To Tell

Episode 5: Kathy Dumont – Quit Your Day Job

Episode 4: Jireh Breon Holder, writer on NBC’s hit show, “New Amsterdam”

Episode 3: Paige Dennis, owner of Joann’s dress shop in Union City

Episode 2: Lee Wilson, winner of CBS’s reality show “Hunted”

Episode 1: Kelley Powers, co-founder of Final Flight Outfitters, Inc.