Union City, Tenn.Discovery Park of America’s hands-on, highly-interactive temporary exhibit, “Astronaut,” is now open for things to do with Kids and Activities for Students. The exhibit explores the physical and mental challenges involved in space exploration and gives guests a taste of what life is like outside of Earth and its atmosphere.

A members-only sneak peek was held on Thurs., Jan. 16 for all members of Discovery Park to experience this exhibit before it opened to the public on Friday morning. Located in the ATA Traveling Exhibit Hall, the exhibit features 26 different stations that demonstrate how life is lived in space with zero gravity. Guests can test their grip strength in special gloves that mimic the pressurized spacesuit, or they can work together to smoothly launch their own space mission.

Also included in the members-only event was a program featuring Dr. Lawrence DeLucas, a member of the seven-person crew of Space Shuttle Columbia for Mission “STS-50.” Dr. DeLucas traveled more than 6 million miles, completing 221 orbits of earth and logging over 331 hours in space. In 1994 and 1995, Dr. DeLucas served as the Chief Scientist for the International Space Station at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. During the program, Dr. DeLucas shared stories of life aboard the Space Shuttle and credited numerous teachers for inspiring his career with NASA.

On Friday morning, a special treat was in store for some of the students visiting Discovery Park. Jason Kelley, a 2002 graduate of South Fulton High School who now works at the Marshall Space Flight Center, was on hand for a program where he shared his experiences and discussed the power of STEAM learning. Kelley provides support for NASA payload operations on board the International Space Station.

Jason Kelley (L) and Chuck Seratt (R). Kelley attended South Fulton High School where Seratt taught him physics and chemistry.

On hand with a group of students from his high school was Chuck Seratt who taught Kelley in physics and chemistry at South Fulton High School.

“Astronaut” will be open to the public Jan. 17 – May 3, 2020. Tickets for “Astronaut” will be $6.95 in addition to the price of admission to Discovery Park. Special pricing of $4.95 is available for students in groups. For more information or to book a field trip, educators should call reservations at 731-885-5455 or email reservations@discoveryparkofamerica.com.