Developmentally Challenged Adult Outings

The mission of the Discovery Park of America is to enhance the educational experience of children and adults and to inspire them to see beyond their current level of knowledge. In a further effort to fulfill our educational mission, Discovery Park of America has established the Developmentally Challenged Adult Outing Program.

Developmentally challenged adults benefit greatly from opportunities to interact with people outside of their day-to-day environments. These outings offer a chance to practice important life skills such as communicating and interacting with others. When developmentally challenged adults are able to participate in their communities, the community as a whole also benefits. When others see developmentally challenged adults behaving in a way appropriate to the circumstances and enjoying the same activities as everyone else, it helps to build community awareness and break down stereotypes.

This program is designed to offer such opportunities and is available for any organization licensed by a state department of intellectual and developmental disabilities (or equivalent state department). With pre-registration, and under the supervision of caregivers approved by a licensed organization, developmentally challenged adults may visit the Discovery Park of America at a discounted rate. Tax exempt organizations must provide a copy of their tax exempt certificate in order to receive a tax-free invoice.


Client General Admission $8.00

1 staff member will be admitted free for every 4 clients

Additional Staff Members $14.95

Special attraction & temporary exhibit ticket prices:

Eathquake Simulator $3.95 per person
Starship Theater $3.95 per person
The Tower $3.95 per person
COMBO (All 3 Attractions) $9.95 per person
Temporary Exhibit $5.00 per person
  • Memberships cannot be used as part of this program.

Lunch can be pre-ordered from our café and seating reserved. Private lunch spaces, however, are not available. If you plan to pre-order lunch, we will send you a copy of the menu and order form when we have finalized your reservation.To register for a visit to Discovery Park of America, please complete our online Developmentally Challenged adult outing request form. You will need your tax exempt number, and the form should take about 5-10 minutes to complete.