Ep. 107 Memoirs of Elvis’ First Girlfriend

Dixie Locke Emmons enjoyed the unique experience of being the first girlfriend of Elvis Presley. The two met in the youth group of First Assembly of God, Memphis. They were dating in 1954 when the unknown singer stepped in Sun Studio and recorded “That’s All Right Mama,” now known as “ground zero” of rock ‘n’ roll. Emmons’s daughter, Kristi Emmons Jones, worked closely with her mother on the recently published book, “Unlocked: Memoirs of Elvis’ First Girlfriend.” In this episode, listeners will discover what Presley was like before fame and fortune, how Emmons and Priscilla Presley became close friends later in life and how Emmons and her daughter worked together to create this look back at an important moment in the history of popular culture. “Unlocked: Memoirs of Elvis’ First Girlfriend” can be purchased from Graceland at: https://store.graceland.com/products/unlocked-memoirs-of-elviss-first-girlfriend.

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