Ep. 46 Tara Dowdy, Advocate for All Things Outdoors

Introducing kids and adults to the wild outdoors is exhilarating for Tara Dowdy, who is a Refuge Ranger for the National Wildlife Refuge on Reelfoot Lake. As you listen to this episode, you will hear the passion in her voice and she describes the amazing migratory waterfowl that come through on the Mississippi Flyway, as well as the stories she shares about taking visitors on a Bald eagle tour and a third grader who had never played in the mud. Dowdy’s love for the outdoors is evident as she talks with Scott about her dream job as a refuge ranger, where she is able to work towards the purpose of the National Wildlife Refuge, which is to provide habitat for the migratory waterfowl.

And later, learn how you would call the fire department before the telephone was invented.