Ep. 70 Charles Choate, 30 Minutes

Charles Choate, the host of “30 Minutes,” a community affairs program from the Thunderbolt Broadcasting Company, turns the tables on “Reelfoot Forward” host, Scott Williams, to find out more about Discovery Park of America’s new exhibit on innovation in agriculture. By 2050, agricultural production must increase dramatically to support an estimated global population of 10 billion. In this episode, you’ll hear more about how “Agriculture: Innovating for Our Survival” explores how food, fuel and fiber is being grown for an increasing population while using less of our shared natural resources. Opening Dec. 5, 2020, the exhibit tells the story of farming innovation in the past, present—and especially—future in a fun and interactive way. Williams shares behind-the-scenes details on the development of the exhibit along with a look at some of the farmers and others working in agriculture that visitors will get to know.

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