“Each visit is better than the last…they are constantly showing us the endless possibilities of occupations to choose from.” —Hogan Kern, tenth grade, Union City High School

“Discovery Park is part of the reason I know what I want my future career to be—I decided I want to be in child development.” —Maggie Suiter, tenth grade, Union City High School

“Discovery Park has some truly amazing information and specimens. Getting to see the great crystals inspired me to begin to follow my passion for crystals, as I now have my own small collection of mineral specimens.” —Daniel Edwards, tenth grade, Union City High School

“I, being someone who is interested in and involved with STEM topics, enjoy every time I go to DPA.” —Hope Kennedy, tenth grade, Union City High School

“I plan on going into engineering after high school, and Discovery Park was a huge influence on that interest.” —Arden Stanley, tenth grade, Union City High School

“It’s thoughtful, creative, intelligent, diverse, and, perhaps most importantly, fun. It’s a curated collection of breadcrumbs from all of America’s most interesting and important sites that’s been dropped in a field in Union City, Tennessee. It’s like your favorite millionaire uncle took a trip through time and around the world and built you a living postcard in your backyard to tell you the story.” —The Frenetic Peripatetic, Travel Blogger

This is a hidden gem attraction in Tennessee. The displays are fantastic, informative and educational. —Mary Ann, Cookeville, Tenn.

“We simply love this place. It is hard to believe that this exists in West Tennessee but we are glad that it does.” —Carthage, Martin, Tenn.

“…this place is top notch when it comes to family-oriented parks. So much to see, do, and learn.” —Eaten, Memphis, Tenn.

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