Top 5 things to do at Discovery Park of America
Guest Writer: Chambry Callicott

When researching Discovery Park of America, you will find out that we offer 50 acres of entertainment outside, as well as 70,000 SF of entertainment inside the Discovery Center. The fast that we are only two hours from Memphis, two and a half from Nashville, and an hour from both Jackson and Paducah is really a great option for families who are looking for a great place to day-trip. We offer exhibits for every age group and can almost guarantee you will find something that interests you. While everything here at Discovery Park is worth your time, here are a few of the must see attractions that we offer:

1. Children’s Discovery Garden
One of the most recently added exhibits that gets people excited is the Children’s Discovery Garden. It is located on the north side of our grounds, so it is one of the first things you see when you drive up to Discovery Park. This garden is not only entertaining, but also includes educational features such as instruments, landscape sculptures, dinosaur bones and a chess/checker set. This attraction is great for Discovery Park members who are looking for a couple of hours of entertainment for their kids, as well as first-time visitors.

2. Traveling Exhibits
Traveling exhibits keep familiar faces coming back to Discovery Park of America. Our traveling exhibits are interchangeable and we switch them out ever 3-4 months. Currently, DPA is hosting the Thomas & Friends TM: Explore the Rails! Exhibit through December 30, 2018. This is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) – focused exhibit that incorporates playful learning experiences. This exhibition is an additional $5 to the required general admission for guests ages 4 and up.

3. The Slide
One of the most popular sections of the Discovery Center is the slide in the Children’s Exploration Gallery. Standing at 48 feet, you cannot miss this sculpture when entering through the main doors. You enter the slide on the upper level of the center, where you can see an overview of the inside of our building. The giant human slide takes you on a swift journey where you exit on the entry level. This attraction is for all ages, however children must be at least three feet tall for safety reasons.

4. The Depot
A must see on the south side of our grounds is the Depot. The Depot is a replica of a train station form the 1800s. You can see and walk through traditional locomotive cars and even blow the whistle! This area can be rented to groups for aesthetically pleasing class reunions and other events. The Depot is also where Discovery Park hosts Libation Station and the Polar Express.

5. Dinosaur Hall
As you come down the escalator of the Discovery Center, you will notice a large area of dinosaur bone. This is what we like to call Dinosaur Hall. This section is filled with life-size replicas of well-known dinosaurs such as a T-Rex. This area is also very spacious and gives you a beautiful outside view of part of our grounds. Because of its beauty, most of the indoor events that Discovery Park hosts are held in this area. This space is also one of the most popular places to rent out for wedding receptions, class reunions, company functions, and so much more.

Discovery Park of America is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. General admission prices are $14.95 for an adult (ages 13-64), $11.95 for a child (ages 4-12), and $12.95 for a senior (ages 65 +). For more information on Discovery Park of America, you can call 731-885-5455 or visit our website at 

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