Discovery Park of America Introduces Free Virtual Field Trips and Other Resources for Parents and Teachers

If you are an educator or home school parent looking for a unique, standards-based learning experience that can take place from a classroom, students’ homes or both, Discovery Park of America has the solution—free virtual field trips. With lessons targeting students in grades one to twelve, virtual field trips are scheduled in advance and led by one of Discovery Park’s talented educators in one or more of the museum’s galleries using video conferencing platforms.

“We are continuing Discovery Park’s mission of inspiring children and adults to see beyond,” said Nathaniel Newlin, assistant education director for the museum. “The lessons and programs are built and designed in-house by our education specialists, and we are very excited to share these with students virtually.”

Discovery Park is also welcoming students for in-person field trips and is following all recommended health and safety guidelines including requiring masks for all visitors and staff.

The monthly Homeschool Day at Discovery Park is also continuing on the third Thursday of each month September 2020 – April 2021, with classes available from 2 – 4 p.m. With exhibits and interactive, experiences focused on science, transportation, technology, history, art and more, students literally never know what inspiration they’ll discover around each corner.

Discovery Park recently announced a new partnership with the University of Tennessee at Martin to provide pre-recorded resources that include professors teaching a variety of topics, including Japanese, computer science, astronomy, public speaking, history, music, geology and more. Hosted by Katie Jarvis from Discovery Park, professors from UT Martin are participating in a 20-minute Zoom recording utilizing their area of expertise.

“Technology has given us the opportunity to provide this educational content with teachers and students all over the world,” said Polly Brasher, education director for the park. “We are here to be a resource, whether they choose to have an in-person experience here at the park, incorporate the recorded sessions with professors at UT Martin or participate in a free virtual field trip online. We are ready to serve our teachers and students with the tools they need to enhance classroom or home learning.”

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