Discovery Park of America Unveils New Website

March 11, 2020

New version is mobile friendly and streamlined for easy-to-use navigation.

We’ve unveiled an updated mobile-friendly website here at that includes more photos, better navigation and an improved online experience that will allow you to gain a better understanding of what you will find at the museum and heritage park before you visit.

Additionally, new sections of our website share the story of our unique history and our mission to inspire children and adults to see beyond.

“Occasionally, I have the opportunity to share the story of Discovery Park and our mission after guests have already toured. They often express how they wished they had known more about those aspects of Discovery Park before they visited,” said Katie Jarvis, marketing manager for Discovery Park. “Since understanding why we’re here enhances our guests’ visits, we’ve made certain that information can be easily found on our new website.”

Jarvis, who led the redesign for Discovery Park, worked with Speak Creative, a digital-first agency with offices in Memphis and Nashville that helps transform organizations by building world-class experiences through design and technology.

“Many of us who worked on the new website are parents, and all of us value the benefits for both children and adults of the experiences provided by museums, so we were already fans of the work being done by Discovery Park,” said Jacob Savage, president of Speak Creative. “Getting to become a part of that mission and applying our knowledge and skillset to what they are doing was thrilling for all of us.”

A neat feature that was added during the redesign was a tool to help you plan your visit. The “Explore” page includes information about each of the galleries and experiences along with photos of each. With two new hotels now completed and a third opening soon right next door to us, a section on “Lodging” includes details and photos for you if you are looking for convenient overnight accommodations.

For members, educators and others who take advantage of the classes, programs and events at Discovery Park, the updated calendar will provide even more details and information about upcoming events and special things scheduled each day.

Need some validation on this new website? It’s already getting rave reviews from others in the tour and travel industry. Stephanie Coomer, deputy director of the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau, used the new website to plan a visit with her children to Discovery Park for spring break. She said, “My family and I have watched the videos and looked at photos to plan our trip and it has really gotten us excited. As someone who is both a mother and tourism professional, I know firsthand how important a destination’s website is for those planning a family trip.” She added, “We are going to stop and visit Tennessee Safari Park on our way and then spend the night at the Main Stay Suites in Union City and enjoy a couple of days at Discovery Park and visiting Reelfoot Lake.”

We encourage you to navigate around on our website and see what new and exciting features have been added. And then, see what you will discover when you plan your visit to Discovery Park of America.