Discovery Park of America to Host 2023 Northwest Tennessee Native American Educational Pow Wow


Union City, Tenn.Discovery Park of America in Northwest Tennessee will be the location of a three-day Native American Pow Wow to be held Oct. 27 – 29, 2023.

The goal of the event, unique in Northwest Tennessee, is to provide a place for Indigenous people from tribes around the country to celebrate their culture while educating Discovery Park visitors on this aspect of our nation’s past, present and future.

Organizers are partnering with Obion County residents Kim and David Bugg who have been active at pow wows and indigenous art markets around the country for more than 25 years. David is of Cherokee descent and Kim is a member of the Oneida Nation on the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada. The couple also mentor adolescent groups through rehabilitation centers, churches and schools using ancient life lessons passed down to them through their native culture.

“Every time I have visited Discovery Park’s beautifully landscaped, 50-acre heritage park and toured their Native Americans gallery, I’ve dreamed about having a pow wow there,” said Kim Bugg.

Discovery Park’s Native Americans Gallery takes guests from the ancient past through European contact and up to today. There are numerous artifacts on display in the gallery, including more than 4,500 arrowheads and spear points mounted to the walls. Also included in the museum’s exhibit are painted vessels and works of art, a holographic presentation of legends, myths and storytelling and an exploration of Tennessee tribes and the Trail of Tears.

The 2023 Northwest Tennessee Native American Educational Pow Wow will include competitions and displays of Indigenous storytelling, drumming, singing and competition dancing. There will also be Native American artisans, craftsmen and traders displaying and selling their work. Food vendors will provide opportunities to enjoy traditional cuisine like fry bread, tacos and hominy.

“Historically, pow wows were meant to welcome warriors home from a hunt or battle. Today, they are a joyful celebration of identity through song, dance and community,” said Scott Williams, Discovery Park’s CEO. “With our location here in what was once the hunting ground of the Chickasaw Nation and our mission of educating children and adults in a fun way, we believe Discovery Park is the perfect location for a pow wow today.”

Those with documented tribal affiliation who want to compete or reserve a booth at the 2023 Northwest Tennessee Native American Education Pow Wow should call Kim and David Bugg at 901-833-6411 or email

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Photo Caption: (Left to right) Kim Bugg, member of the Oneida Nation on the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario, Canada; David Bugg, descendent of the Cherokee Tribe; Scott Williams, Discovery Park’s president and CEO planning the Northwest Tennessee Native American Educational Pow Wow.