Family Education Series

The Family Education Series is an ongoing series of monthly educational programs. These programs are always free with admission!

Our goal for the family education series is to provide unique and interesting learning opportunities for our guests throughout the year.

These programs often vary from month to month, both in subject and presentation approach. Sometimes we look to enhance one of our exhibits with a program, especially a temporary exhibit. We write and produce original pieces of Museum Theater, using theatrical techniques to entertain and instruct at the same time. Sometimes we look at the calendar and pick a subject based on an historic event or holiday. No matter what we do, these programs are built for the entire family to enjoy!

2017 Schedule:
August 12: The Solar Eclipse!
September 9: Lewis and Clark
October 14: Witch Trials
November 11: Sergeant Alvin C. York
December 9: Laughing All the Way

2018 Schedule
January 20: Firefighting History and Science
February 10: UTM Percussion Presents, “Roots of Rhythym!”
March 17: Real Life Ninjas!
April 14: “Bone Wars!” The true story of paleontology’s Wild West!
May 12: “Bone Wars!” The true story of paleontology’s Wild West!
June 16: “Bone Wars!” The true story of paleontology’s Wild West!
July 21: Summertime Science!
August 11: Summertime Science!
September 8: Summertime Science!
October 13: Zombies!
November 10: Thomas the Tank Engine & the Science of Trains
December 8: “Laughing all the Way!” (A Musical History of the Christmas Carol)
*All programs are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

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