Historical Theater Academy

Discovery Park’s Historical Theater Academy is a unique program designed for students in grades 6-11. Academy participants receive instruction in multiple aspects of theater and historical research and will have the opportunity to produce and perform an original piece of Museum Theater at Discovery Park of America.

The inaugural Historical Theater Academy ran through the spring of 2017, with students creating an original production called The Legend of Casey Jones. During the fall 2017 program, the students created an original program called Mars or Bust, covering the history of flight. The spring 2018 program focused on one of history’s most fascinating stories – The Salem Witch Trials! Fall of 2018 program will be focusing on Hamilton and Burr!

Classes: Every Tuesday, 6-8 PM, August 14 – December 4, 2018
Performance Date: December 8 (Times: TBD)
Price: $200 for DPA members, $232 for non-members (plus tax)

Skills Taught:
• Acting
• Theater Tech Work
• Set Design
• AV Design
• Costuming
• Stage Makeup
• Writing
• Historical Research
• Marketing
• Graphics

To register, or to learn more, please call 731-885-5455 and ask for the Education Department. Registration and deadline to pay is prior to class time on August 14, 2018.