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Traveling Exhibit: “Vietnam 2 Soldiers. 2 Artists. 2 Journeys. Then & Now”

Mar 8th - May 26th

“Vietnam 2 Soldiers. 2 Artists. 2 Journeys. Then & Now,” on loan from the Monthaven Arts and Cultural Center, features the artwork of renowned artists and Vietnam veterans David Wright and Chuck Creasy. The exhibit includes many of the sketches of American soldiers and Vietnamese civilians that Wright drew in-country in 1965. Creasy, who served as a forward artillery observer in 1968, returned to Vietnam as a visitor exactly 50 years after his deployment. The experience inspired him to create a series of colorful expressive watercolors of the Vietnamese people and countryside. Together, Wright’s and Creasy’s colorful, remarkably sensitive artwork serves as a lasting testament to the healing power of art.

This exhibit is located in the ATA Traveling Exhibit Hall and is included with general admission or Discovery Park membership.