EP 134: The Robert E. and Jenny D. Kirkland Discovery Award Honorees

Get ready to be inspired by this episode with segments recorded at the third annual Robert E. and Jenny D. Kirkland Discovery Awards. At this special annual event, we honored four amazing individuals who, like Discovery Park, believe in the power of leading others to explore and discover.

In this episode, 2023 honorees Amy L. Bondurant, Keith Carver, James Ross and John S. Tanner share thoughts on their impressive careers and the importance of inspiring children and adults to see beyond.

Honoree James Ross summed up the spirit of the evening when he stated, “A lot has been said here tonight about thanking us, but I’m here to tell you, what an incredible environment this is for kids as well as adults to be able to expose themselves to not only the sciences but to the arts and to our history. To that, we owe this institution a huge, huge round of applause.”

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