EP 164: Brady Weldon: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Reverend

Martin, Tennessee native Brady Weldon is a man of many hats. Minister, consultant, author and life-coach to name a few. Brady has helped start a few churches and sits on the board of several. He’s learned a lot during his 35 years of ministry, but one of his greatest discoveries was realizing he could impact people in the areas of both faith and creativity.

In this episode, we take a journey back to Brady’s long West Tennessee line of entrepreneurship and helping others, as well as his journey back to another passion of his, music.

Another hat on the bald head of Brady Weldon is the hat of a musician. Though this hobby was put to the side for many years, Roy Barberi of the Roy Band finally got the mic for singing back in Brady’s hand.

Roy Band is Nashville’s live tribute to the best in 1980s hard rock, pop-rock and glam rock music. Brady Weldon often lives up to the nickname he earned in Nashville, Rock ‘n’ Roll Reverend, and joins them on stage.

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