Below are more lessons with professor from the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Japanese 101

Kyoko Hammond, lecturer of Japanese at UT Martin, introduces Japanese phrases, how to say different foods, as well as how to ask a question.

Storytelling with Alice

In this lesson, Dr. Kate Ericson, an associate professor of computer science at the UT Martin, shares an introduction to the world of programming using the free resource Alice. 

Why is physical activity important?

Dr. Tim Dasinger, an assistant professor of health and human performance at UT Martin, covers the psychological and sociological benefits of participating in physical activities. 

Introduction to the German Language

Dr. Charles Hammond, a professor of German at UT Martin, shares reasons why people take German, how accessible German is to English speakers, and some examples of conversation.

Introduction to Programming in Python (3)

Dr. Kate Ericson gives a quick lesson about variables, basic data types and how to perform standard arithmetic in the Python program. Plus, you can do this yourself with the free resources she shares and learn how to draw a turtle using your new skills.

Benefits of Teaching Physical Education During COVID-19

Dr. Stuart Currie, an associate professor of health and human performance at UT Martin, covers the difference in physical education and physical activity and how physical education can help families during this challenging time.

How to Organize and Deliver an Effective Speech

This lesson with Dr. Teresa Collard, a communications professor at UT Martin, will include information on preparing and delivering dynamic speeches. This session is designed to get you started on your way to being an excellent public speaker.

The Biology of Birds

Dr. Dawn Wilkins, a professor of biology at UT Martin, discusses the basic characteristics of birds in this educational and engaging lesson. Tune in to find out about their different adaptations.