Enlightenment Gallery

Considered Discovery Park’s “cabinet of curiosities,” this is a place where different artifacts can sit side-by-side with each telling its own unique story while working together to help guests create an experience unique to every individual. Guests often remark they find something new each time they visit this gallery.

The suit of armor is a reproduction of a style of Italian plate armor that was used in Europe during the mid-15th century.

One of the most unique items on display in The Enlightenment Gallery is a Vampire Killing Kit. The kit contains markings attributing it to Professor Ernst Blomberg and “the gun maker of Liege, Nicholas Plomduer.” It contains a pistol, silver bullets, powdered garlic, an ivory crucifix, a wooden stake, and “Professor Blomberg’s New Serum.”

Another unusual exhibit found in The Enlightenment Gallery is the Chamber. Throughout history, the treatment of those accused of crimes has varied greatly. This exhibit, will help shed light on a dark past by examining the reasoning behind such acts.

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