Southern Artist Showcase

Jan. 21 – May 21, 2023

Self-taught Southern artists have in common a powerful belief that they simply ARE artists, and most seem driven to express themselves visually,” said Bill Hickerson, executive director of the WTRAC.

The Southern Artist Showcase features some of the best-known painters, photographers, sculptors and other fine artists to come out of the South.  Rotating frequently to expose visitors to the widest variety of art possible, this show features works produced in a variety of mediums.

The next Southern Artist Showcase will feature the Cornerstone Box from Historic Dresden Church.

Dresden First United Methodist Church in Dresden, Tennessee discovered a copper cornerstone box during the January demolition of their church building. In February of this year, Discovery Park’s exhibits team opened a cornerstone box (like a time capsule) for the church. Open Jan. 21 to May 21, 2023, is a temporary exhibit, “Inside the Cornerstone Box.” It will feature the items the Discovery Park exhibits team discovered inside the box and will be located in our Southern Artist Showcase area in the Discovery Center.

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