Simmons Bank Ag Center

Currently, the Simmons Bank Ag Center is closed and being prepped and renovated for the new agriculture exhibit, “AgriCulture: Innovating for Our Survival,” opening Dec. 5, 2020.

Located along the western edge and extending through the northwest corner of Discovery Park, the Ag Center is designed to showcase both the farming traditions and heritage so deeply rooted throughout our region, along with the important role agriculture still plays today. In addition to the Simmons Bank Ag Center, the area features a row crop exhibit, a wildflower garden and a vineyard. Depending on the time of year, a visit provides a rare opportunity to see and touch crops growing in the field or watch as they are harvested.

While most in the agriculture industry strive to make the best use of resources to meet the demands of a growing population, falsehoods and misinformation continue to flourish in a world where fiction and propaganda can be spread with the click of a mouse on a computer or the touch of a finger on a mobile device.

“AgriCulture: Innovating for Our Survival” will tell the story of farming innovation in the past, present—and especially—future in a fun and interactive way. Visitors of all ages will gain an understanding of how food and fiber get from the farm to the family, and the role technological, scientific and genetic innovation in agriculture plays in society and culture around the world.