Discovery Park of America Announces the First Bottles of Wine from Their Vineyard Now Available to Members

Union City, Tenn.– Discovery Park of America has announced a limited number of bottles of the very first wines to be produced from their vineyard are now available in the gift shop at the museum and heritage park for members to purchase. The inaugural offering includes a red and a white option.

Each will be available for $24.95 for Discovery Park members only until Mon., Dec. 13, 2021. They will then be made available to the public.

Bottled by Crown Winery, LLC of Humboldt, Tenn., the wines are produced from grapes harvested from the Discovery Park Vineyard located on the 50-acre heritage park.

John Watkins, Discovery Park’s director of grounds, has been tending to the vineyard since the first grapes were grown in 2017. Harvesting the crop has become an annual task that many on the park’s team look forward to each season. In 2020, 850 lbs. of grapes were harvested and taken to Crown Winery for processing for this vintage.

Discovery Park’s vineyard is located next to the park’s Simmons Bank Ag Center along with small fields of wildflowers, cotton, corn and soybeans used to educate visitors about innovation in agriculture and the important role of pollinators.

“Seeing bottled wine made from grapes in our own vineyard for sale in our gift shop is something all of us at Discovery Park have dreamed of for several years,” said Watkins. “We’re glad they are now available so our visitors can take a bit of Discovery Park home to share with friends and family.”

Photo caption: Discovery Park wine will be available for sale at Discovery Park of America on Dec. 13, 2021.

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