Discovery Park of America Raises Funds with an Assortment of Products Celebrating the 200th Birthday of Obion County, Tenn.

Discovery Park of America is joining in the celebration of Obion County’s 200th birthday by creating a line of merchandise featuring each of the nine municipalities in the county. The illustration, created by Discovery Park’s award-winning graphic designer, Dylan Schaefer, features illustrations relevant to the area including wildlife, notable landmarks and other icons that are associated with Obion County and its history.

The image will be available for purchase on apparel, note cards, posters and tote bags.

Schaefer, originally from Milan, Tenn., graduated from the University of Tennessee at Martin. While at the university, he received the first-place award for digital art/photography in the 2022 Visual and Fine Arts Exhibition.

“We’re thrilled to be able to participate in the celebration of Obion County’s 200 years,” said Calista Drone, Discovery Park’s gift shop director. “Thanks to Dylan’s unique design, I think this will be a best seller in our gift shop for years to come and will help fund our mission to inspire children and adults to see beyond.”

The products will be available for purchase at Discovery Park beginning Tues., Oct. 24, 2023, two hundred years to the day after the county was born.

The original act establishing Obion County was passed on October 24, 1823, entitled “an act for the establishment of a new county in the northwest part of the State.” It was given the name Obion from the Obion River, a Native American word thought to translate to “many prongs.” The county was organized on January 19, 1824, at the home of William M. Wilson, three miles southwest of Troy.