NASA’s ‘Eyes on the Earth’ Program on The Globe in the Natural History Gallery

Just in: We have upgraded the West Tennessee PBS Globe in the Natural History Gallery with an interactive program that will educate and entertain guests and students who are curious about Earth. This new software includes NASA’s “Eyes on the Earth,” where guests can see a real-time display of Earth’s sea level, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration, volcanic eruptions, forest fires and more.

The new program also has a comparison component that shows a school bus next to different satellites that are flying around the Earth today. Using programs listed under WorldViewer, education specialists and teachers who bring student groups on learning expeditions can have an in-person, real-time lesson on a variety of topics, such as climate connection; tropical storms; tetonic plates, volcanoes and earthquakes; water cycles; the Solar System; and watersheds.

“We are really excited to incorporate these new programs into our lessons that we offer school groups, homeschool groups and the public,” said Polly Brasher, education director for Discovery Park of America. “This tool will be extremely helpful in showing the amazing way our planet works.”

WorldViewer was designed by The Elumenati, an immersive projection design company that builds immersive VR technologies and other products. For guests and students, this program was made to create an immersive experience to share the immersive stories of planet Earth.

“Our mission is to inspire children and adults to see beyond, and incorporating the new, hands-on program that guests can interact with in real-time is exactly the teaching tool we strive to have here at Discovery Park,” said Jennifer Wildes, director of exhibit for the museum. “We are always looking for ways to freshen up the different galleries, and installing this new program is just one way to add a little sparkle to the Natural History Gallery.”

The program is now up and running on the West Tennessee PBS Globe for all guests, teachers and students to experience. If you are an Earth science teacher and want to schedule a field trip to come and see it, please reach out to our reservations department. Schools who are 50% free-reduced lunch can apply for a scholarship to plan a field trip at no cost. Visit our Education Tab to learn more.