Ronald Reagan: The 40th President of the United States of America

Hollywood actor, union leader, governor and oldest president at the time of his election are only a few of the hats that Ronald Reagan wore throughout his 93 years of life. You can find Reagan standing comfortably, casually holding his signature cowboy hat behind him, alongside the other four statues overlooking Freedom Square.

Reagan’s approval ratings rivaled that of one of his political inspirations, Franklin D. Roosevelt. Coming from humble origins in northern Illinois, Reagan worked his way from radio announcer to Hollywood’s big screens. He served as a stateside Army Captain while also participating in the Screen Actors Guild, eventually becoming a long running president of the organization.

As president, Reagan dealt with high-stakes issues such as an assassination attempt, the Cold war and the 1980 Iran-Iraq war. His financial initiatives, such as supply-side economics that reduced taxes and government spending, were named “Reaganomics” and exist as key debate points in politics to this day.

Reagan’s career was recent enough that many who visit the park will remember his influence on their own lifetimes, but for those too young to remember, his statue will serve as an opportunity to inspire a new generation to see beyond.

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