Discovering Forever at Discovery Park of America

Dec. 21, 2021 – Our mission is to inspire children and adults to see beyond. Part of how we help guests to “see beyond” is by giving them new things to discover each day. Little did Christy Bondurant and Kevin Lyell know that they would discover their forever right here in Discovery Park’s gift shop.

Christy and Kevin were introduced to each other in 2020 by a church friend and were connected through Facebook. After messaging for a while, Kevin asked Christy out on a date. “I, being a bit old fashioned, told him that he would need to come meet me in my hometown for the first date and our first in-person meet up,” Christy said. She knew of the perfect place for them to meet and have their first date, Discovery Park of America.

Kevin was running late due to traffic, so Christy decided to explore the gift shop while waiting. As she was scanning a display in the gift shop, Kevin noticed her through the glass and they have been dating ever since.

This past Saturday, Dec. 18, Kevin brought Christy back to Discovery Park under the ruse of picking up a science themed Christmas gift for a family member. “He kept stalling and was not listening to my suggestions,” Christy said. After circling the shop a few times, Kevin got down on one knee on the other side of a shelf that was stocked with army men. “I was about to tell him how his niece did not care for army men, but he was down on one knee with the ring,” laughed Christy. He proposed at the same time and place he had first seen Christy, at 1 p.m. in the gift shop. “Of course I said yes,” Christy said.

We wish the future Mr. and Mrs. Lyell many years of happiness in their marriage that was first discovered here at Discovery Park.

Kevin Lyell proposed to Christy Bondurant in the gift shop at Discovery Park of America.