Local Radio Station Plays ‘Reelfoot Forward: A West Tennessee Podcast’

You can now listen to Discovery Park of America’s podcast, “Reelfoot Forward,” on WUTM 90.3 FM “The Hawk” at noon on Sundays. WUTM is housed at the University of Tennessee at Martin. This award-winning college radio station is located 15 miles from Discovery Park and is known for its sports talk show, “The Bench,” and campus life programming.

WUTM began operating in 1971. Since then, hundreds of students have either trained or worked at the station as a way to prepare for careers in broadcast writing, engineering, production or performance.

The station has accumulated numerous awards, with over 300 to date, at the regional and national level. Staff members have placed in on-site competitions at the Southeast Journalism Conference, and the station as a whole has been recognized as a top five finalist for the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s Best College Radio Station (Under 10,000) in New York City.

Listeners can turn the dial to 90.3 FM or listen live on the station’s website. Dr. Richard Robinson, WUTM’s faculty advisor, calls the podcast educational, interesting and informative. He says, “We try to serve our listeners, both on campus and off campus, by providing public service programming. ‘Reelfoot Forward’ helps us do that successfully.” By playing this podcast, they are delivering the spirit, culture, accomplishments and history of West Tennessee to thousands of listeners from all over the world.