Why Give to Discovery Park of America?

Gifts to Discovery Park go to support and strengthen every area of the museum and park. From regular maintenance and day-to-day operations to allowing the Discovery Park educators to create new life-changing exhibits, programs and classes. Gifts go to work immediately inspiring children and adults to see beyond.

Recently, we sat down with Mary Nita Bondurant, director of development, and asked her a few questions about the importance of giving to Discovery Park.

Question: Why should I give to Discovery Park of America? 

Discovery Park of America was a great gift to this region by Robert and Jenny Kirkland. It is amazing to have such a world-class museum and heritage park in such a rural area.  Discovery Park is a 501(c)3 public charity with a mission to inspire children and adults to see beyond.  The park relies on gifts from generous organizations and individuals to continue its mission.

Question: What will my gift support?

Gifts to Discovery Park support every aspect of the museum and park.  From regular maintenance and day-to-day operations to allowing our educators to create new interactive exhibits, programs and classes: your gifts further STEAM and history education and help deliver a transformational experience to guests of all ages.

Question: How do I give? 

  • Online – Visit discoveryparkofamerica.com and click “give.”
  • By phone – Call 731-885-5455 and ask for the development office.
  • By check – Mail your donation to:

Discovery Park of America
Attention:  Development
830 Everett Blvd.
Union City, TN  38261

  • At the ticket counter – Stop by the ticket counter at the park to make a donation. 

Question: Can I give as a memorial or tribute? 

Absolutely!  We love memorial and tribute gifts.  A gift to Discovery Park when a loved one or friend passes is a great way to memorialize them.  You will receive an acknowledgment of your tax-deductible gift and the family of the deceased will receive a nice letter informing them of your contribution.  A gift to the park is also a great way to honor a teacher, friend or other special person in your life while they are still alive.

Question: Can I select the area that I would like my gift to impact?

While gifts that support the parks’ over all mission are wonderful, you are welcome to designate your gift for something special.  In addition, we occasionally have fundraising campaigns to help with the addition of something new at the park.  You might like to designate your gift to go into the Kirkland Scholarship Fund, which helps support field trips for schools that have a high number of students on the free and reduced lunch program.  Most recently, we have been raising money to build a new agriculture exhibit, and you might like to give a gift to help support this new exhibit.

Question: Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Literally millions of people have been impacted by something they have experienced or learned at Discovery Park.  Every dollar you generously give to the annual fund goes directly into furthering STEAM education and delivering an amazing experience to visitors of all ages.  Financial gifts are essential to the museum’s efforts to inspire the dreamers and thinkers of tomorrow.  I would just like to encourage anyone who has a heart for this community or education to consider making a gift to Discovery Park.

For more information or further questions about giving to Discovery Park of America, email mbondurant@discoveryparkofamerica.com or call 731-885-5455 and ask to speak with Mary Nita.