Volunteer of the Year: Carol Whitmore

April 18, 2022 – Discovery Park of America would like to honor 2021 volunteer of the year, Carol Whitmore. She has for years routinely distinguished herself through her ability to blend an educational environment with a unique experience. Carol Whitmore is an accomplished basket weaver who enhances the experiences of guests by practicing her craft in the Settlement.

Discovery Park’s Settlement is an area set aside to show the tools, construction, and way of life that predominated in West Tennessee for a great many years of its history. Guests curious about the past are in for an amazing surprise when they enter the Settlement cabin and see the far-ranging and extremely impressive variety of Carol’s creations and workspace, usually accompanied by the pleasant greeting by Carol herself.

When her work invariably brings out the inquisitiveness in guests, she speaks to patrons and answers their questions with the same diligence, patience and calm attentiveness with which she pursues her craft. Discovery Park of America is pleased to recognize Carol for her outstanding volunteerism, and thank her for making Discovery Park of America a more interesting, friendlier and a more memorable place for staff and guests alike.

Polly Brasher (left), director of education, and Scott Williams (right), president and CEO of Discovery Park, present Carol Whitmore with the 2021 Discovery Park of America Volunteer of the Year award.