Experience David Crockett

Aug. 17, 2021 is the 235th Birthday of David Crockett

There are several places at Discovery Park of America where guests can experience folk hero, frontiersman, political and Tennessee settler David Crockett who lived in this region from 1822 until he departed for the Alamo in 1835. He was one of the earliest hunters around nearby Reelfoot Lake.

In the Settlement, guests will find a statue dedicated to Crockett in the middle of a collection of a dozen structures that resemble what Crockett and other settlers created when they first carved out a home in Tennessee.

Crockett’s political career is documented in an exhibit in Liberty Hall at Freedom Square on the south side of the park.

A reproduction of Crockett’s portrait by John Gadsby Chapman is on display in the Regional History Gallery along with a short documentary of his life and times here in Northwest Tennessee.

Guests who take advantage of the Discovery Park of America Explorer Plus package will get exclusive access to the Trapper’s Cabin in the Settlement. It features fun, whimsical decor with a nod to Crockett and other early West Tennessee trappers and hunters. Inside the two rooms of the cabin, guests will find a variety of preserved and mounted animals on display, along with some of the tools and furnishings used by early settlers. The Trapper’s Cabin is also furnished with comfortable leather sofas and rocking chairs to provide a relaxing place to rest, charge phones or cool down during a visit to Discovery Park. The Trapper’s Cabin is also perfect for small weddings, birthday parties or other private events.

“Davy” Crockett, as he is often misnamed in modern publications, is a figure shrouded in mystery and legend; this was the case during his life as well. Crockett presented himself as the people’s politician – a man in tune with the working class, the impoverished, and the plight of frontier families. This strategy earned him titles such as “king of the frontier” and gave rise to the folk legend that most people recognize. It was not until 1954 that the popular image of “Davy Crockett” was donned with a coonskin cap by Walt Disney’s miniseries by that name. In reality, Crockett and all of his friends and acquaintances simply referred to him as David, a tradition preserved and respected in the museum and academic communities. You’ll discover all this and more about Crockett as we celebrate his 235th birthday year.

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